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    2. Create trace, manufacturing high-quality goods

      For the development of mechanical systems and
      components, manufacturing, and assembly, provide a systemic solution

      創 造 奇 跡,制 造 精 品

      Tel:  86-574-65597888
      Fax:  86-574-65597855
      E-maill:  info@qijing-m.com

      Qijing Machinery(Stock code 603677)established in November 1996, with it’s headquarterlocated in Ninghai county, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, became a A-share listed company on 6thof Feb, 2017 in Shanghai.
      Qijing Machinery is a leader company, with honor of ”Top 100 most competitive corporation”,”Top 100 best corporation in the machining industry”.

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